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IDC in Green Investing in Cagayan de Oro

Amidst the rising of big players in the business concentrating in metropolitan cities, Chairman and CEO Arch. Romolo Nati has one thing to say about it on why Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC) chose to play in growing cities, which started with an investment in Cagayan de Oro. “What I discovered first when I visited the Philippines was that most developments are concentrated in Metro Manila and other big cities, while there were no big developments in other minor locations. People choose to go to these cities thinking they could find a better job or a better life. Our move for emerging cities is to put forward on reversing the mentality of people and investors”.

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Primavera Residences’ Solar Panels Slash Energy Consumption

Primavera Residences’ 18-kWh solar panels have generated 19,200 kWh, or an estimated Php 307k savings a year in cumulative electricity bill shared by all unit owners based on 2G Konstract, Inc. report.

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