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Growing with Cagayan de Oro’s First Green Developer (Part 1)

Many years have passed by, yet, the relationship of Italpinas Development Corporation with its valued partners remains stronger. IDC started from small, but in just a matter of few years, the company became known nationally and globally as a green developer for emerging cities in the Philippines. IDC began in Cagayan de Oro and is proud of its  Kagay-anon roots

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Living in Instagrammable Uptown CDO

When asked to describe your ideal neighborhood what’s the first thing you usually think of? Safety, security, and location are often the top three. Nowadays, however, a lot of people also prefer places that look good in photos. These are what you call Instagram-worthy or Instagrammable places.

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Primavera City Developer is on Wikipedia

Do you want to know more about the developer that first invested in the city of Cagayan de Oro?

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Primavera City Exhibits at 26th Mindanao Business Conference

The 26th Mindanao Business Conference brought together delegates from public and private sectors to talk about innovative strategies towards building a strong resilient Mindanao economy.  Primavera City, the latest green project in Uptown Cagayan was one of the exhibitors of the prestigious event, last September 7-9, 2017, held in Uptown Cagayan de Oro. 

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There is nothing wrong about taking a break from work. It is good to chill out once in awhile,  such as watching your favorite movie.

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Mindanao is a treasure waiting to be wholly found

“Mindanao is a secret treasure waiting to be wholly discovered. We believe that there are places like in Mindanao that can bring more opportunities to developers and businesses. This is the reason why we decided to put up our first project there specifically in Cagayan de Oro,” says Architect Romolo Nati of Italpinas Development Corp. (IDC)

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The Perks of Living in a Green Building

Green buildings might be a little strange when we encounter the term for the first time. Some of us may think that a green development is nothing special as regular building. But, little we do know how hugely different green buildings are from conventional ones. When you say green building, it only means that its architectural features are purposely built-in in order to reduce the negative impact it can cause to the environment and health.

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Cagayan de Oro: Then and Now

Cagayan de Oro is among the most populous cities in the Philippines. It is highly urbanized, making it an attractive location for visitors coming from its neighboring cities  and towns such as El Salvador City, Opol, Gitagum, Tagoloan, Claveria, among others. Not only that, it is a top destination for overseas travelers. Since the place is the primary business region of Northern Mindanao, it is clear to see that it is also home to many regional offices and multinational businesses and banks. With its popular tourist attractions like the world-renowned White Water Rafting, no one can get away from visiting CDO to experience it.

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Eco-friendly School Tips

Here some eco-friendly school tips brought to you by Primavera City.

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Community Service Diary: Primavera Joins 2017 BRIGADA ESKWELA

Primavera got the opportunity to render service to the community through taking part in this year’s Brigada Eskwela. Some of us were able to participate in the activity at Taglimao Elementary School, a far flung community in Cagayan de Oro, last May 15, 2017.