The Green Movement with Italpinas

Italpinas Development Corporation along with DTOG 10 Philippine Air force recently conducted their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) last November 19, 2021, at Cagayan de Oro City.

“He who plants trees loves others besides himself. Let’s be good stewards of the Earth that we inherited. All of us have to share the Earth’s now debilitated ecosystems and feebly resources, and each of us has a role to play in preserving them. We should always keep in mind our responsibility to safeguard it against further destruction,” says Gladys Ivy Echano, IDC Senior Sales and Marketing Director.

When done well, tree planting is recognized as one of the most engaging, environmentally friendly activities that people can take part into better the planet. Trees provide a multitude of benefits, both long and short-term. As well as being attractive aesthetically, they remove and store carbon from the atmosphere, slow heavy rain and so reduce the risk of flooding, enhance air quality and improve the urban heat island effect by reflecting sunlight and providing shade. In addition, the physical weight of a tree consists of approximately 50% carbon, as such trees have a strong climate change mitigation effect when in high enough numbers.

Some of these benefits such as the mitigation of the urban heat island effect and improvements to air quality are localized and will bring the most benefits to the people who live and otherwise spend their time in the local area. Other benefits such as the removal of carbon from the atmosphere will benefit the wider population.

IDC has always been a company committed to environmental sustainability through elegant architectural solutions and trademarks of contemporary Italian aesthetics. And as a designer and developer of buildings, IDC makes it a point to always keep in mind a lesser ecological footprint as well as being one of the few companies that fully support environmental causes, as reflected in most of the company’s CSRs.

Beyond the green advocacies, IDC has also been actively participating in the fulfillment of the human potential through several Brigada Eskwelas and joining hand-in-hand with the City Social Welfare Development’s (CSWD) activities, namely: the Early Christmas for the benefit of Home for Girls, Christmas with the Residential care for the Elderly and Differently Abled, Weekend with the CSWD Boystown, Weekend with the CSWD Tahanan ng Kabataan, Weekend with the CSWD Home for Street Children.

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