Massive Growth Potential; Residents to Double More in 2050 as per Experts During the Latest Business Conference

Spearheaded by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines with the support of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and the European chambers present in the country, the recently concluded 2022 CALABARZON Business Conference last April 28, has been a great success for local and international businesses and investors.

Much emphasis was given to the insights surrounding the central question – would the region continue to strengthen its leadership as the manufacturing and industrial hub of the Philippines?

The roster of esteemed speakers included those from the government agencies and corporations NEDA Region IV-A Regional Director Mr. Luis Banua; the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry(PCCI)-South Luzon, Area Vice President Sallie Lacson; PCCI Regional Governor Mr. Romeo Race; Asian Development Bank Country Director-Philippines, Mr. Kelly Bird; Science Park of the Philippines, Inc. (SPPI) President Mr.Richard Osmond and IDC Chairman and CEO Mr. Romolo Nati.

Presentations pointed out how the growth of CALABARZON can be highlighted as one that exceeds most regions in the country and how major infrastructure projects are equipping the region with strategic assets in the transport and logistics sector. As a result, developers such Italpinas Development Corporation have taken a high interest into the region’s strong chance of becoming the next dynamic destination. Architect Romolo Nati shares expert advice on choosing Batangas and generating measurable social and environmental returns alongside financial gains through Miramonti Green Residences.

“Being present in growth centers across the country, allows IDC to cater to a broad population and that we are able to address the various needs of the community where our mixed-use developments are found. Accessibility from major highways, thoroughfares, and transport hubs, is a top priority to make certain that our communities offer the most optimum environment for people to live and work.” says Architect Romolo Nati while discussing on the benefits of investing in emerging cities such as Batangas.

The CALABAZON Business Conference is part of the Regional Development Conference Series that are being held nationwide in the Philippines. Through this initiative, local and international chambers find solutions for removing obstacles facing enterprises and vows to work together to help develop both trade and investment opportunities across potential areas of industry and service sectors.  The Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines has been vital in expanding possibilities in several growth regions and continues to spearheads various efforts such as activities and projects from north to south of the Philippines through  inter-chamber relationships.


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