IDC Intensifies Efforts Against Climate Change for Earth Day 2022

With the growing threat of climate change as now experienced through extreme weather conditions, scarcity of potable water, and poor food production, among many effects, it is imperative that steps be taken to address this global concern.

As a property developer, IDC strives to minimize its impacts on the environment by managing resource use and emissions, solid waste and wastewater management, and integrating green spaces within its developments.

“As a developer, we see the importance of investing time and resources to help conserve and protect the environment – especially of the communities where we operate,” Architect Romolo Nati, Chairman and CEO said.

On April 22, a tree-growing activity spearheaded by the City Local Environment and Natural Resources Office (CLENRO) allowed for 350 new native trees to be planted on mountaintops in the upland barangay of Pagalungan, Cagayan de Oro. Apart from IDC, various volunteers from partner organizations and corporations also shared in the collective effort in contributing to reforestation efforts and mitigating the effects of climate change. Since inception, IDC has prioritized CSR initiatives as an approach to embed sustainability into the business. Among the activities the company has participated in partnering with several government and non-government agencies are assisted enrichment planting, planting of bamboo as bio fence and soil erosion control, mangrove restoration, and community awareness trainings.

As a design-driven property developer integrating green strategies in all its buidlings, IDC continues in its belief that there should be a fundamental shift in business towards more sustainable practices. Prioritizing efforts in measuring, managing and reporting topics that are material to the economic, environmental and social aspects of its operations, IDC believes that this shift is not only doable – it presents a strong business case as well.

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