Another milestone achieved for thriving ‘Mindanaoan’ green developer

What had started as an operation with a naked desk in the offices of Pueblo de Oro Development Corporation in Uptown Cagayan de Oro has now finally reached its milestone of inaugurating its own offices in the newly built Primavera City tower in Phase 1, just beside SM City in Pueblo de Oro Business Park, Uptown CDO. 

When I was first invited to visit Cagayan de Oro in 2011 I was welcomed in a small container office just next to the long completed Primavera Residences. There was just a desk, a cabinet, and a decorative plant next to a model unit manned by Ms. Gladys Echano, the most loyal and long-lasting of all employees and currently the Sales and Marketing Director of the company. Nobody would have imagined Italpinas to grow so fast and list at the PSE after only 6 years into their existence. 

Architect Romolo Nati was convinced about Uptown CdO from the very beginning and had a vision that has been materializing step by step, project after project. The new offices feature a modern and spacious design. The most successful and regarded developer of Cagayan de Oro, many would say, because when there was still no condominium building in town, IDC launched their first project, amidst a mixture of enthusiasm and unmissable critics. As a fierce sustainability and green building advocate, Architect Nati brought his experience of Italian green architecture and design and applied it here in the Philippines. The office blessing was somehow adapted to the current circumstances where larger gatherings are still not allowed but it was nevertheless a festive occasion with an enthusiastic atmosphere. 

Employees, key stakeholders, and some loyal investors gathered accompanied by the priest, who conveniently spoke Italian due to the 3 years he spent in Italy. The majestic building, which is apparently soon for turnover to the many buyers, had a greatly decorated and elegant lobby, including the unmissable Christmas tree, a Filipino classic for September. Compared to Primavera Residences, the developer’s a finished project that lays just around the corner, this structure and its interior details seem a level above, lush and luxurious. Now I understand what Architect Nati means when he asserts at times that “we learned from the experience of our first project and always try to do better”. 

So, talking about the offices on the second floor, they seem to be a sort of call center with its many decks and large spaces. It reveals maybe the developer’s plan and intention to expand their operations and probably add more projects. Just a guess, but probably not too far-fetched. Aside from the large space for the regular employees, I could see also various enclosed office spaces, most likely for the management. Maybe 6 or 7 with furnished office interiors, a pantry, a conference or board room, and 2 smaller meeting rooms. 

All in all a top-of-the-notch office that could impress many in Northern Mindanao as well as in Makati. This is also evidence that the provinces are growing and more companies are settling out of Metro Manila and Metro Cebu. Now it’s time for Metro Cagayan de Oro to thrive and conquer the headlines. Italpinas has certainly chosen their location very well as Uptown Cdo is widely considered the BGC of Cagayan de Oro where in fact the price of the land has more than quintupled over the past 10 years. The sales office for Primavera City Phase 2 is located on the ground floor of the building, clearly visible from P. N. Roa Boulevard, amidst other retail spaces that will soon be populated by shops and restaurants. 

A great location to attract more curious buyers to avail of the opportunity to enjoy the true condo lifestyle in this green, Edge certified building with an incredible infinity pool and a view from the top.

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