The Green Movement: Fighting Against Climate Crisis

Last August 1, 2020. Italpinas Development Corporation through its Primavera Sales Office conducted its monthly Corporate Social Responsibility at Brgy. Sitio Burucan, Pagalungan Lumbia, CdO, in partnership with the City Local Environment and Natural Resources Office – Cagayan de Oro (CLENRO).


The forest itself is its own reward. “I would like to think that my contribution here will be my contribution to the environment and the future generations to come,” said Ms. Frances Mae R. Galvez, IDC Brand Manager. In this age of climate crisis, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who does not see planting a tree as a good thing. The act itself is a statement of hope. Granted, it takes years to reap the benefits of that one, conscious decision. So long that one is likely to forget it happened. Its ‘return on investment’ appears invisible, intangible, and unquantifiable. 

IDC has been committed to environmental sustainability, not only through its elegant passive green design solutions but also through its commitment to serve its community and making its environment greener. As a designer and developer of buildings, IDC makes it to keep in mind the value of consuming less in terms of ecological footprint. It’s the latest development, Città Bella at Primavera City will continue to contain sustainable features such as passive cooling technology using shadow and sunlight control, wind cooling, and shape performance which are green features that are a trademark of IDC developments.

Plant a tree, and let us build a forest together!

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