In a zoom interview with Ms Gladys Echano, IDC Head of Sales and Marketing announced very soon, IDC’s Office in CDO will be transferred to its new office to Citta Verde, the Primavera City phase 1.

Primavera City is the second eco-friendly mixed-use complex developed by IDC in CDO. The project follows the company’s flagship Primavera Residences, also located in CDO. 

Citta’ Verde, almost completed, will be followed by Citta’ Bella, currently under construction, and by Citta’ Grande and Citta’ Alta that will both be developed in the next years in UpTown CDO. 

All phases have underground parking, ground floor commercial spaces, 2nd and 3rd floors offices, residential units till 11th floor and amenities on the rooftop.

Primavera City is in the process to receive the Green Building certificate issued by EDGE, the green building rating system developed by  IFC (International Finance Corporation) a member of the World Bank Group.

An Healthy Office 

To comply with social distancing rules workstations are organized so that workers are far from each other

     The design of the new IDC office has been conceptualized to reduce contact between employees and clients in order to maintain the “social distance” requested nowadays. This, together with the strict implementation of other safety measures, will make the new IDC’s office ready to contrast the spread of the Covid 19 virus and to ensure the well-being of customers and workers.

The red circles shows the lack of distance between workstations (avoided in IDC office) : proximity of workers at office desks  –  Right layout (green circles): alternating workstations and empty spaces to have a safe distance 

A Green Office

Among various solutions, the workstations have been separated from the adjacent hallway by a filter consisting of a line of planters filled with indoor plants

Those plants placed all along the main corridor will help to: reduce stress, increase productivity, clean the air and boost creativity thus providing major positive benefits to employees and customers.

Another eco-friendly solution was the use of low VOCs products to paint the walls to  differentiate the various workspaces and also to give the interiors a feeling of elegance, while creating a vivid contrast between colors.

A state of the art connectivity

The office is wired with the state-of-the-art Internet connection.

Fiber optic cables with a Special Bandwidth up to 100 Mbps, will offer an Internet solution designed to address the need of higher quality, faster and more reliable connection access.

Being connected with a fast bandwidth is a key goal and we have been anticipating and implementing this to guarantee work without interruption and to provide the best service to our clients. 

Same connectivity specs will be delivered to the residential areas and common spaces of the building.  

An enhance indoor comfort 

To maximize natural light, the south façade is fully glazed with a curtain wall system.

To avoid direct solar radiations, glare and overheating, an overhanging slab serves as a shading device, reducing the cooling load and enhancing the quality of the light and the space.

To have an energy-efficient lighting system, the lights have been placed optimizing the distance between light-source and area to be lit, providing a more productive atmosphere.

The new IDC office’s designers’ goals was to create a “client friendly” environment and a pleasant, elegant and green working space for the employees. The result appears to be an innovative office, most probably the most interesting interior design project in CDO.

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