How to do Payments easily with Città Bella at Primavera City

Already found your dream unit with Primavera City? Now, what form of payment is best suited for you?


Paying cash is the most prevalent mode of payment in the industry, particularly with short- to medium-term payment schemes. Monthly down payments are best fulfilled via a cash payment. Although any form of payment, with the advent of a more efficient mode of payments, paying cash may become less popular.

Not only will you spend less when you pay with cash, but you’ll also get more enjoyment out of what you buy. We have a greater emotional attachment to purchases we make with cash than those for we put on credit, a study published in the Journal of Consumer research found.


Paying by check is another common mode of payment that is easy to perform. Property hunters find it very convenient to bring dated checks when they check properties. This mode of payment is practical for reservation payments especially when one fancies a unit during viewing.

Paying by check is commonly required for paying stretched down payments and balance payables. Check clearing lasts for three banking days. The number of days may also depend on the number of buyers who also dated the checks in a developer’s office. 

Bank Deposit

Paying via bank deposit is a mode of payment that is appropriate when an official computation is already prepared. Bank deposit payments are used for stretched down payments, payments for balance payable, and advance payments. Bank receipts in this type of payment method are mailed to the account holder, so it is advisable to have clear and updated account information.

Wire Transfer 

Paying via wire transfer is an increasingly popular payment mode especially with buyers who could not be physically available in paying for property dues. According to Investopedia, a wire transfer is an automated transfer of funds across a network that is managed by banks all over the world. A transfer is individualized from individuals or entities to other individuals or entities.

Also, here’s how to do your Online Reservation with Citta Bella at Primavera City

Also, here’s how to do your Online Reservation with Città Bella at Primavera City.

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