IDC: “Kagay-anon camaraderie is fully alive in this time of crisis”

They may not be saving patients in hospitals, but they are an essential part of the community.  As the country fights the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), the garbage collectors in Cagayan de Oro City continue to work to keep the environment clean.

In line with the country’s call to support these silent environmental warriors, Italpinas Development Corporation with it’s Primavera Sales Office at Cagayan de Oro City provided protection suits, and boots to CdO’s Basureros.

In addition, IDC partnered with  Oplan Northern Mindanao giving  insulation materials, double-sided tapes and glue sticks for volunteers to make face shields for the city’s front liners.

“Kagay-anon camaraderie is fully alive in this time of crisis. We are linked up with partners, such as Oplan NorthernMin Front Liners through social media groups. We provided insulators and materials for face shields,and we also saw how dedicated the volunteers were in making these essential gear for our front liners. It’s so amazing to collaborate online, and see the results delivered” said Clara Elizaga, IDC Director for Corporate Affairs and Branding.

“We are thankful to our partners at CLENRO for suggesting to take into consideration the Basureros who are oftentimes left out. They are essential frontliners, they are our BasuHEROs” expressed Frances Mae Galves, IDC  Brand Manager.

IDC continues to actively partner with organizations to support Kagayanons on the fight against  coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

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