IDC’s Christmas Advocacy

Starting off December with kindness and by committing to Italpinas Development Corporation’s (IDC) monthly advocacy of giving out smiles even in the simplest way,IDC conducted their December Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and spent  the day with the fire victims of Brgy, Carmen, Cagayan de Oro along Damiani Property Management & Services, Inc., IDC’s official leasing partner for its Primavera Project.

Since it has already become our advocacy and monthly commitment to do so. We also hope that we have successfully passed on happiness in our own simple way. And as we welcome the month with hope” expressed  Frances Mae Galvez, IDC’s Brand Manager.

Around 66 families were left homeless during the Carmen fire incident last November 6, 2019. IDC extended help to the community by providing basic necessities such as rice and mattresses. It’s been IDC’s custom to conduct a monthly community service to Cagayan de Oro’s community. True to its roots as a Kagay-anon, IDC commits in helping the city prosper and organizing a community service is one of the company’s simple ways and setting as an example to other organizations to always reach out to the communities in need.

IDC believes that Christmas is a time of giving and sharing with those around us, but that sharing is not limited to those that we love and care for. It is also to the people that we have never met and will never see; those that are not so fortunate in their lives as we are and that could use a helping hand.

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