CSR: A Business based on social purpose

For almost a decade of implementing its advocacy, Italpinas Development Corporation once again hosted community services as their monthly charity to the local community of Brgy. Zayas Carmen, Cagayan de Oro last August 10, 2019 along with Damiani Property Management & Services, Inc., the official leasing partner of IDC for its Primavera Projects.

IDC held a brief program for the children and the elders to enjoy through various parlor games which they actively participated at and was each given their share of meal and giveaway kit.  Eventually, after having their new looks, they heartily ate their share of snacks.

“We would like to thank the local government unit of Zayas, Carmen, and the support of the residents for participating today. We, in IDC, believe in bringing smiles regularly, through our CSR programs. Through these activities, we devote ourselves to reaching out and giving people even from the simplest reasons to smile,” said Frances Mae R. Galvez, IDC Brand Manager.

IDC has always been a company committed to environmental sustainability through elegant architectural solutions and trademarks contemporary Italian aesthetic. And as a designer and developer of buildings, IDC makes it a point to always keep in mind lesser ecological footprint as well as being one of the few companies that fully support environmental causes, as reflected in most of the company’s CSRs.


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