Grand Buyers Day with Città Bella at Primavera City

Uptown, Cagayan de Oro. Think of a location that is just a stone’s throw away from vital facilities and amenities, flood-free and pollution-free. A location should have a potential to be the next business hub of a city—this is where Città Bella at Primavera City is.

Primavera City the new premier project of the multi-awarded listed green developer Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC) hosted a Grand Buyers Day held at Mallberry Suites, Cagayan de Oro last June 29, 2019 after the release of its License to Sell for the second phase of its development Città Bella last June 28, 2019


The gathering was well attended by IDC partners such as banks, sellers, and guests.

Primavera City construction (Photo courtesy by: Project Lupad)

“After the success of Primavera City Phase 1, where we sold 95% of its inventory, the release of the License to Sell for Citta Bella, Primavera City Phase 2 is very timely.  We are confident that our new phase, Citta Bell, will receive the same support from the buying public and our valued partners, our Salesforce.  Today, we are official accepting reservations for Citta Bella.” said Gladys Ivy Echano, IDC Sales Director.

The event ended with great success.  “We were astounded of the outcome of this event.  Our reservations totaled to 200M+ just for today.  This is unprecedented so far.”  added Ms. Echano.

Città Bella at Primavera City serves as IDC’s legacy in delivering high quality, smart, safe, and sustainable buildings imbibing an Italian aesthetic design, all while considering a reduced environmental impact through lower energy consumption. With the first few floors of the projects allocated for commercial space leasing. IDC purposely designed its developments to be mixed-use which can cater to the residential tenants’ immediate needs.

Location-wise, the developments are just a walking distance from major establishments in the area, such as the SM Department Store, Xavier University, Manresa Farm, St. Francis Xavier Chaplaincy, and Pueblo de Oro Golf Course, to name a few. Moreover, uptown developments hold great promises as the first phase of the Planned City Expansion Program (PCEP), under the three-year Comprehensive Development Plan (2017-2019), plans to decongest the city urban center by focusing future developments in the uptown.

The development of Primavera City has been quite in high demand, more so with its current rate of property appreciation.  IDC property is averaging an appreciation rate of 10% annually. Currently, Primavera City’s first phase is down to the last 5% of the residential units.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit us today at the Primavera Sales Office, 2/F Primavera Residences, Pueblo de Oro Business Park, Cagayan de Oro City. You may also visit and check us out at for Primavera City, and for Primavera Residences for more information.

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