Strutting their Gatsby-themed outfits, Primavera City’s External Sellers gathered to celebrate Primavera City’s Holiday Celebration & Appreciation Night last December 11, 2018, at The Dynasty Court Hotel. Italpinas Development Corporation’s (IDC) Chairman & CEO, Architect Romolo Nati, and President, Attorney Jose Leviste, also attended the event to recognize and award this year’s top performing realties/brokerage and sellers.

“First of all I just want to thank everyone for your time and presence here tonight. I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: you are the company’s best partner. Attorney Leviste and I do our jobs out of passion, we really do our very best to deliver the best product and service and that’s why we are very demanding with our people in CDO. Without you, guys, without your perseverance and effort to help us with the sales, the company’s mission and vision won’t be realized,” says Architect Nati.

The list of the Top Realties/Brokerage that received an award and recognition are as follows:

  1. Leuterio Realty & Brokerage
  2. Philhomes Dev Corp
  3. Seankirsten Realty
  4. WGL Realty
  5. Land Asia Realty

The following realties/brokerages were also recognized for contributing to this year’s sales:

  • Arce Realty
  • Arka Realty
  • Azzent Realty
  • Bachelor’s Realty
  • CDO Broker’s Realty
  • CDCP- Independent
  • CLM Realty
  • D&G Realty
  • Fam Associates Realty & Services Inc
  • Flaminia Realty
  • Genuine Realty
  • Golden Nest Realty
  • Jac Homes Realty
  • La Breeza Realty
  • Land Asia Realty
  • Leuterio Realty & Brokerage
  • MYNP Realty
  • JCA Realty Corp.
  • Premier Cebu Home
  • Psalm Realty
  • Power Properties Realty
  • RCG Realty
  • Ro Land Harvest Realty
  • RPM Realty
  • SeanKirsten Realty
  • Truly Wealthy Realty
  • WGL Realty

Top Performing Sellers with Architect Nati, Attorney Leviste, and Sales & Marketing Director, Gladys Echano.

As well as the Top Sellers that performed great sales for this year:

  1. Marita Gracia Fancubit
  2. Joyce Villastique
  3. Rowena Kho
  4. Rufilyn Rugay
  5. Lani Caminade

The following sellers were also recognized and awarded during the event:

  • Alan Roy Sambaan
  • Alex Podador
  • Alexius Paul Cabral
  • Amelia D.  Escaba
  • Amor T. Valdehueza
  • Angelyn L. Edulan
  • Arsenio A. Baquero, Jr.
  • Carol Arce
  • Dariel B. Antid
  • Doris Estoque
  • Emily Esling
  • Ferdinad E. Esguerra
  • Gemma Licong
  • Gina Derit
  • Goff Agdamag
  • Gwendolyn Yang
  • Harvey Tawakal
  • Hilda Albores
  • Honey Calio
  • Jane Wong
  • Jean Auditor
  • Jim Ogsimer
  • Junelsa Philippe
  • Ma. Salome Uy
  • Marietto Terre
  • Maritess Daguimol
  • Maureen Gumahin
  • Michelle Grafe
  • Mynfa Puao
  • Norman Makapugay
  • Porferio Orongan
  • Remia Monares
  • Robenson Masangcay
  • Rocheyn Guerrero
  • Rolando Ranoa
  • Roy Villanueva
  • Shawie Paderanga
  • Virgie Tabor
  • Virginia Rasobanle
  • Zaide P. Canete
  • Zoraida Conde

Top Performing Seller, Marita Gracia Fancubit, with Architect Nati and Attorney Leviste.

When asked what it took for her to top this year’s sellers, Marita Gracia Fancubit, had this to say: “Focus and prayers, that’s all; because without the Father Almighty, we will not be properly guided with our endeavors.”

THEA FRANCESCA TABUDLONG || Content Writer & Marketing Support Assistant

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