In line with the celebration of the 33rd International Coastal Clean-up Day, Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC) along with Damiani Property Management & Services Inc. (DPMSI) recently conducted their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) last September 29, 2018, at Zone 1, Bonbon, Cagayan de Oro City.

“Countless coastal clean-up drives have already been conducted here in our locality, but IDC is the first one to actually clean up this specific area where most attention is needed. We, as volunteers, cannot do this alone that’s why we deeply express our sincere gratitude to IDC,” said Ronie Paasa, one of the volunteers during the CSR who is also the Deputized Peace Warden and President of the local Fisherfolk Federation.

It’s not a little-known fact that the ocean has become a global garbage can with the amount of trash it accumulates annually ranging from all variation of plastics, clothing, marine debris, and more. IDC, a green real estate company that have a been aiming to design and build an environment where human development is balanced with the environment, decided to focus this month’s CSR by conducting a coastal clean-up at Barangay Bonbon. Moreover, the said activity is in harmony with DENR Agos’ cause, the 12-year flagship project of the DENR-Biodiversity Management Bureau that is focused on the effective management of the country’s coastal and marine biodiversity. Through the CSR, IDC aims to express concern and promote awareness of environmental preservation.

Among the thriving bunch of Mangrove trees lies much of an eyesore pile of trash as if purposely placed there to become an attraction. Picking up one trash at a time, IDC & DPMSI employees along with a few volunteers from the Fisherfolk Federation headed by Ronie Paasa, and the Local Government Unit of Barangay Bonbon headed by Elmer Villamor & Cristy Dadacay, did their part in joining the volunteer effort all for the common good.

It is rather ironic that the lone sea, where life once sprung, is being threatened by those who have been benefitting and owe life, itself, from it. According to 4ocean, there have been 275 billion plastic bags produced worldwide in just 2017 alone and in every second, a massive amount of 160,000 plastic bags are being produced and used. In this vast and now polluted sea, we are all aboard and venturing the same boat. The vast blue has lots to offer for our need but can never satisfy enough of our greed; so unless we reflect on this one and consider counting in our contribution to the solving the problem, our boat is definitely heading towards the tragedy of commons and at full speed on top of that.

“It’s alarming to witness the severity of our coastal lines being abused by treating it as if dumpsites. At this point, pointing fingers would be no use. Action and discipline should be taken at our own hands rather than wait for authority to act on it. A drop of water can create ripples, similarly, even one small act of self-discipline can go a long way,” said Frances Mae Galvez, IDC’s brand manager, supporting the call to action for environment preservation.

THEA FRANCESCA TABUDLONG || Content Writer & Marketing Support Assistant

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