With hopes of igniting camaraderie and mutual support to all contributing and active sellers of Primavera Residences (PR) and Primavera City (PC), Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC) hosted the 2018 Mid-year Recognition event last July 31 at the Prawn House Suites & Restaurant, Pueblo de Oro, by acknowledging the top performing individual sellers, realties, in-house agents, as well as the newest members of IDC Winners’ Circle Club for the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2018.

Arch. Romolo Nati, IDC’s Chairman & CEO, despite not being present in the event, sent a recorded video and heartfully thanked IDC’s “best partners,” referring to those who have been working hand-in-hand with the company, and further stating that “IDC would not have been possible” without them.

The following awards were given during the event:

Top Performing Individual Sellers:

  1. Lanie Caminade
  2. Joyce Villastique
  3. Ruffilyn Rugay
  4. Marita Gracia Fancubit
  5. Gina Derit
  6. Carol Arce
  7. Janet Barrera
  8. Jocelyn Madrid
  9. Hazel Calio
  10. Rolando Ranoa
  11. Doris Estoque
  12. Arsenio Baquero
  13. Maureen Gumahin
  14. Michelle Grafe
  15. Emily Esling
  16. Virginia Rasonable
  17. Amor Valdehueza
  18. Hilda Albores
  19. Robinson Masangcay
  20. Zoraida Conde
  21. Jean Auditor
  22. Jane Wong
  23. Porferio Orongan
  24. Evelyn Ruelan

Top Performing Realties:

  1. Leuterio Realty & Brokerage
  2. Philhomes Development Corporation
  3. Seankirsten Realty
  4. CDCP Realty
  5. Arce Realty
  6. CDO Brokers Realty
  7. Bachelor’s Realty
  8. Ro Land Harvest Realty
  9. MYNP Realty
  10. CLM Realty
  11. Arka Realty
  12. La Breeza Realty
  13. JCA Realty
  14. RCG Realty
  15. RPM Realty
  16. Psalm Realty
  17. Truly Wealthy Realty
  18. D&G Realty
  19. PV Homes Realty

Top Performing In-house Network

  1. Kennah Bea Cambare
  2. Bryle Salvaña

IDC Winners’ Circle Club New Members:

  1. Joyce Villastique
  2. Ruffilyn Rugay
  3. Marita Gracia Fancubit
  4. Gina Derit
  5. Carol Arce
  6. Janet Barrera
  7. Jocelyn Madrid
  8. Hazel Calio
  9. Rolando Ranoa

Moreover, with “Ballroom” being the event’s theme, Michelle Grafe won the Female Best Dress award, while Louie Zulita won the Male category. Countless raffle prizes were also given to the attendees to show IDC’s gratitude to those who attended.

THEA FRANCESCA TABUDLONG || Content Writer & Marketing Support Assistant

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