Traffic-Free Uptown Living

I’ve watched the news lately and as always, I pity people living in Metro Manila for the worst traffic conditions they experience every day. I can just imagine the stress and tiredness they feel after working and traveling home for hours. Even shopping which is a stress-reliever for some can be dreadful experience if you are caught up in a traffic jam! I count myself lucky to be in the province but sometimes, traffic jams are becoming a norm in Cagayan De Oro City too.

The influx of business and investors in the city is a mark of the city’s economic boom and development. More and more people are moving to the central business district for career advancement, and more people and families are also buying cars for their convenience. I should be really happy about this good news about CDO, however, having to experience traffic congestions during rush hours and on holidays make me think otherwise.

Not all people have the patience to endure long hours sitting inside a car stuck in the middle of the road. This is many people are looking for living options away from the busy streets of the city center. CDO Uptown district is slowly but surely booming with new commercial hubs, economic zone, shopping malls and residential properties. Primavera Residences is one of the first mixed-use buildings to rise in uptown Cagayan De Oro. And one of the best perks of living in this area is that it is traffic-free!

I would love to live, work and play in uptown CDO if could just do away with the traffic congestion in the city. There is so much more to love about this new developing landmark aside from being traffic-free. Primavera Residences is also just beside a shopping mall! I can shop, dine and relax anytime I want and I don’t have to commute far just to do this because the mall is just a few steps away.  by Ruby Caberte/Pinay Mommy Online

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