Growing with Cagayan de Oro’s First Green Developer (Part 1)

Many years have passed by, yet, the relationship of Italpinas Development Corporation with its valued partners remains stronger. IDC started from small, but in just a matter of few years, the company became known nationally and globally as a green developer for emerging cities in the Philippines. IDC began in Cagayan de Oro and is proud of its  Kagay-anon roots

To Gladys Echano, a pioneer staff of Primavera Sales Office, “We are very much thankful for our sellers. From the time we started our first project, Primavera Residences and until we have Primavera City, they have been there for us sharing their skills and helping us to grow. We are happy that amidst all the challenges, they keep coming back to us”.

At present, IDC may be seen a successful young company, but as what other success stories would share, it had also gone through hard times, and overcoming challenges with industry partners was one of its key ingredients of success.

Selling the first condo when house and lot was still a trend in this city caused frustrations to some sellers. Ms. Reprisima Guerrero, a top seller of Primavera, said, “Vertical developments received unfavorable views from our target market because of their misconceptions about condo living. Clients would tell us things like condominiums are too tall and expensive, it is not what they preferred to buy, instead they kept on looking for house and lot”. But not until such time that people from the local realized the edge of IDC’s condominiums over typical buildings or house and lot. According to Manny de Lara, a licensed broker, the green design of Primavera projects is the company’s edge. “To the eyes of the residents, it is a different type of living. It is more favorable to the people who are always on the go”. Shim Suan, a licensed broker and accredited seller, also shared his experience in selling IDC’s project: “I had a client before who asked me why he needs to live in a condo. After realizing that the project introduces green features: natural ventilation and solar panels, he got the eagerness to buy the product. Primavera is less expensive to live in, well-ventilated, and different from other condos”.

While the company was at first criticized for investing a condominium development in Cagayan de Oro City, far from the central district of Metro Manila, it seems that its confidence and persistence paid off in the long run. For Mr. & Mrs. Carretas, who were pioneer sellers of IDC, they could say now that Cagayan de Oro sees the number of condominiums is increasing over time because people nowadays opt for condo living as their investment, too. At the same time, Ms. Christine Tenchavez, a broker of IDC, shared, “I feel honored being part of the growth of Italpinas Development Corporation. Seeing my satisfied clients at Primavera Residences is very rewarding.

IDC is known to be the first green and condo developer in Cagayan de Oro and a prime mover in Uptown Cagayan de Oro development. The company has two projects already in Cagayan de Oro, Primavera Residences and Primavera City, both located in the Uptown district.

Keep posted of the second part of “Growing with Cagayan de Oro’s First Green Developer”.

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