A Halloween party doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t even require you to shop for disposable plastics for your decorations. In fact, just simply utilize your materials lying around your house, then liberate that inner creativity you have. Doing this will not just help you save money, but also makes you eco-friendly. So have fun setting up your spooky Halloween party by doing these “EEK-o creepy” ideas:

  1. Egg carton bats

You probably have unuseful egg cartons around your kitchen. Before you decide to throw them in your trash bin, why not use them for this Halloween? Time to cut down your waste by making Halloween crafts such as these egg carton bats.

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  1.  Halloween garlands

Tired of seeing used papers in your room? Try to give it a second life by turning them into halloween garlands! Think of any creepy things in this world then design it on the paper. A simple halloween garland will make your room already creepy without letting you spend even a single peso.

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  1. Mad lab scientist

Do you want to create a scary laboratory room? Just recycle jars and fill it with toys and water. Of course, don’t forget to add non-toxic food color on the water to make your lab creepier.

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  1.  Trash bag tarantula

Who would have thought that a simple trash bag could turn out to be a giant tarantula? Make sure not to poke holes on it or you will end up making another giant tarantula next year.

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  1. Vampire repelling garlic wreath

It makes a better caution to vampires, so they will not enter to your home. Get some garlic from your kitchen and create a simple garlic wreath. Hang them on your door, vampires no more!

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  1. Upcycled tombstones

What is Halloween if you don’t have tombstones? Just add some non-toxic paint on a scrap wood and you will have a cemetery feels in your party.

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  1. Egg shell ghost

Create a ghost decor using egg shells, draw scary faces on it, and hang them on your ceiling. If you are planning to make this craft, don’t send your eggshells to your recycle bin right away.

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