Living in green buildings is healthy, study says

There are a lot of things why green buildings have greater importance compared to conventional ones. Two among those practical reasons are; first, green developments are good for savings, and second, they have less negative impact on the environment.   Further, what makes it more interesting is that people living in green buildings gain health advantages.

Let’s take on a research recently published by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and the National University of Singapore. It has been found out that people who work and live in a green building are less likely to suffer from health concerns.

The researchers found out that workers and dwellers in green buildings experience less health disadvantages compared to occupants in conventional ones where they tend to experience sickness due to bad air quality and poor ventilation of the building. This is all because certified green buildings decrease chances of bacteria and air pollutants throughout the building. A survey conducted in this research has found out that workers in green buildings are less likely to experience “sick building syndrome”, a common illness experienced by people who stay in conventional buildings for a period of time.

Green buildings in PH market

To Chairman Raymond Rufino of the Philippine Green Building Council or PhilGBC, the Philippine property market has been interested to develop green buildings. Some developers have been concentrating on green features and aiming for green certification in their new projects.

According to him, the developers who are not specifically going for green building certifications have started to adopt strategies in terms of greening their developments in both existing and planned developments.

As the property industry is rapidly growing outside Metro Manila, Architect Romolo Nati of Italpinas Development Corporation, a pioneering sustainable player in Mindanao, has an optimistic outlook for the future of green building in the Philippine real estate market.  This is the reason why he decided to continue building green projects specifically in emerging cities in the country.

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