Home Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider when Buying a Home

One of the dreams that most of us strive to achieve  is getting  a home. Looking for a home requires a lot of things to consider. If you are a first buyer  in a process of assessing how to get a home in a most practical way, learn these tips.


When buying a home, consider the location. Does it have scenic views? Is the location near to businesses, banks, and institutions? Is it near to workplace or schools? The accessibility is one thing you have to keep in mind when choosing a good location. You have to make sure that is around the important places you need in your daily life. Also, ask yourself if it is located in a flood-free, air pollution-free and safe area.

Developer’s background

One thing that a buyer must need to know first is the developer’s reputation and credibility in the business. High quality of customer service of a developer is one way to know if they maintain good relationship with their clients or if they value them even after sales. A developer must assist a buyer’s concerns until the proper turn-over of the unit.

After the turnover period, the developer’s partner corporation must take over to cater the concerns and problems of the unit owners until the end of their stay.


For condo owners, they get access to all amenities for free. Condominiums have their own swimming pools, multi-function halls, fitness centers, and the like. If the condominium you wish to live in has some of these, then you are one lucky buyer. Amenities are some good  characteristics of a condominium that differentiate it from a house and lot.

Financial Stability

First of all,  you have to assess yourself if you are financially prepared or stable in paying for the monthly amortizations. In order to be qualified for home buying, a buyer is required to have at least Php 30,000 net income every month.  If a buyer fails to meet this condition, the developer will advise the buyer to have a co-borrower, which means that both of them are responsible for the payments.

After deciding to get a home, you may choose the most convenient among the financing schemes available.

Discounts and Promos

One of the most important tips for home buying is having a perfect timing. During open houses, some developers give buyers’ incentives such as discounts or other deals upon unit reservation This way is more practical as you get savings and other reasonable promos for buying a home.

Future Investment

Buying a home also means investing in it. A condominium can be a good source of income at the same time. If you are an overseas worker who owns a unit but rarely stays there, you may enroll it to a property management services that will take care of your investment. Some developers do not have property services, so it would be best to choose a developer that has it.

Unit Price

To be more practical, remember to find a property that is worthy of the unit price. Look for a property with high quality but affordable or less expensive. High-quality properties are the ones that can withstand calamities and have unique architectural features.

Green home

If you are a buyer looking for long-term savings, a home or building designed with cutting edge or green features will surely help you in your goal. A green building slashes the amount of energy needed for its maintenance because of its built-in passive and green strategies, its residents immediately contribute less monthly dues.

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