D.I.Y 101:Home Decorations on a Budget!

UPGRADE and EMBELLISH are two words that will make your home a “home sweet home”. Are you thinking it’s gonna be expensive? Try these Do It Yourself projects to get that very affordable or cost less yet elegant home decors. Time to release that creativity!

From being broken to being useful

Do you have broken bicycles at home? Don’t throw them right away. You can make something like this out of your bicycle gear. Tada!

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Beauty transformation

Your boring-look and damaged pale can be as pretty as this flower vase. Paint it with your preferred color. After that, you can place it at the living room or the dining room.  Showcase what you’ve got, girl!

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Keep your living room simple and smart. This is very useful also in case there are things you like to hide. A secret chamber it is!

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Take a pic with your mirror

Are you planning to throw your old frames away? Hold on. Your frames might be as very useful as this D.I.Y. idea. Take a pic with a mirror!

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Woods on the wall

You don’t need to buy picture frames to keep your memories. You can have them pasted on the wood and hang them on your wall.

Photo source here.

Recycling clothes

Always remember that your clothes are as useful as rags. Slow clap for this…

Photo source here.

Don’t let the curtains fall

This looks funny but just think it will survive for a very long time.

Photo source here.

Rubber tires to sofa

Find buying a sofa set expensive? You can try this brilliant idea.

Photo source here.

Cotton flower

When cottons become cotton flowers literally.

Photo source here.

These D.I.Y projects are brought to you by Primavera City, the latest green condominium in Uptown Cagayan de Oro. Enjoy making your home decors!

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