The Perks of Living in a Green Building

Green buildings might be a little strange when we encounter the term for the first time. Some of us may think that a green development is nothing special as regular building. But, little we do know how hugely different green buildings are from conventional ones. When you say green building, it only means that its architectural features are purposely built-in in order to reduce the negative impact it can cause to the environment and health.

In the Philippines, the real estate industry has been really competitive, which means more and more developments are being put up left and right. This may serve advantages to businesses and economy, however, this also indicates environmental vulnerability. Its contribution to environmental degradation is highly empirical while such progression goes over time.

One of the reasons why green building or this technological innovation is considered a big help: it increases the initiative in environmental preservation and saves up businesses and green buildings’ residents with regards to their energy consumption. In Cagayan de Oro City, green buildings are becoming a trend nowadays. The effort was first started by an  Italian-Filipino developer that is committed to green buildings across emerging cities, which is named Italpinas Development Corporation or IDC.

Two of the examples of green buildings are the developer’s projects, namely, Primavera Residences and Primavera City, both are found in the city’s uptown district. The first project was then followed by CEPALCO, an energy company based in Cagayan de Oro. All developments are and will be installed with renewable energy using photo voltaic panels.

However, green developments do not only mean that having renewable energy installed within can be very beneficial to the residents already. There is more it can offer. Here are ideas gotten from the architectural features of Primavera projects to give you learning what makes green buildings truly  “green”.

  • Green and provincial-like experience

Imagine a life that feels good all the time, living in a fresh environment surrounded by trees and greeneries. It gives us the experience of soothing and peace. What makes it more livable when provincial-like place has it all for life’s important places. For instance, Primavera projects are found in a fresh yet urbanized district in Uptown Cagayan de Oro. More people prefer to live there as they find it very comfortable and perfect- free from the crowded and chaotic streets, free from air pollution and most of all they feel safe- since the Uptown is considered to be one of the safest places in the city as it is located 150m above sea, making it 99% flood free.

  • Fresh air flowing inside the building

Primavera projects have its own special features that can make a green building very convenience to its community. One feature is the inner courtyard which enhances natural ventilation within the building and allows the air to flow freely. This feature is greatly slashing the energy requirement for the building’s maintenance of up to 33% .

  • Social gathering in the inner courtyard

A green inner courtyard can  be a good place for social gatherings or family bonding. Residents in Primavera get that kind of enjoyment as they are free to have their activities in the courtyard, such as birthdays or picnics. Some even consider it a dating place during Valentine’s Day.

  • Saving up more

Since Primavera has inner courtyard that helps in slashing the energy consumption of the building, it will allow residents to save more money in its monthly dues. With its renewable energy installed on the roof, this will not only save energy in air conditioning but also in other electricity consumption.

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