5 Things to Love in Uptown Cagayan de Oro

Some people love the Uptown Cagayan de Oro because its location is flood-free and near to life’s important places. Other than that,  there are more reasons why there are people who prefer to stay in this place. Find out why with these five things.

  1. Jogger’s haven

People who practice healthy living like exercising can really get a  huge benefit in living in Uptown. They can do running or scrolling without getting caught up by traffic.

  1. Beautiful Sunset and Sunrise

When you live in Uptown, you would really appreciate the beauty of  sunset and sunrise.

  1. Quiet living

Of course, since the place is far from the chaotic and crowded downtown, expect to experience a quiet living (and peaceful sleep)- free from the busy street.

  1. Fresh air

One thing also why Uptown is a lovely place is its fresh air. Uptown may be an urbanized place, but its provincial like environment will keep you cozy everyday.

  1. Scenic views

Photo source here. 

When choosing for a home, the location or the view is one of the important things to consider. Uptown has a perfect view facing the panoramic Macajalar Bay.

Uptown is a perfect location, indeed! This is the reason why the place is home to green projects of sustainable builder Italpinas Development Corporation. Its latest project, Primavera City is a seven tower development which consists a high rise hotel.

Learn more about this project at primaveracity.italpinas.com.

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