How to Stay Healthy this Rainy Season

We always say “NO! NO!” to diseases. Now that it’s June, this only means that will be experiencing more rainy days- increasing our risks of getting sick! Health is wealth, so let’s read some tips to keep us healthy this rainy season.  

Wash your hands

Always keep in mind that germs are everywhere- they are on your cell phone, laptop, ball pen, etc. Before eating or touching your face, make sure you wash your hands properly with a soap.

Eat Healthy

Stop eating junk food if you want to stay on a diet. In this season, people and mostly young ones are susceptible to getting sick. Eat nutritious food that can boost your immune system.

Drink Clean Water

Make drinking water a habit. But, make sure you are drinking clean water. Boil it or have it sterilized for assurance.

Avoid Eating Street Food

Food displayed in the streets are most likely to be susceptible to contamination. As mentioned above, eat healthy, other than that, make sure you are clean eating.  

Bring Umbrella

Don’t forget to bring your umbrella with you wherever you go. When your parents instruct you to bring one, you really have to. Umbrella is your shield against cough, colds or fever when you are caught up in the rain.

Enjoy the rainy season by staying healthy!

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