Start Living Right! Primavera Open House in Pictures

Live Life. Live Green. Live Well.

Last Saturday, May 6, 2017, Primavera conducted its Open House. Clients and sellers were able to get a comprehensive analysis of their health, such as knowing their anti-oxidant level and body composition.

Everyone needs to be healthy. When you are unhealthy and susceptible to getting sick, what’s the point of having everything after all?

A healthy person is the one who exercises regularly and eats the right food. When you practice healthy living, it boosts your immune system and makes you feel relaxed and happy.

About Primavera City

As a sustainable development,  Primavera City will be designed with natural ventilation within the building and will harness efficient energy systems for its energy and cooling needs that will save up to 33% on its maintenance costs.

Prominently positioned at the booming Uptown Cagayan de Oro, Primavera City will provide residents with a sustainable and peaceful living experience. This 12-storey building situated  110-meter above sea level is strategically located to withstand natural calamities. Built-in with world-class amenities, Primavera City will offer multifunctional room, fitness center, unlimited WIFI connection, swimming pool, safe playground, and a 24/7 hour reception and security to its residents.

Primavera City is designed as a seven-tower development. The first phase of the project consists of Tower A and B, which are scheduled to be completed in the year 2018. Its seventh tower, the final one to be built, is planned to be a high rise hotel and an icon of the new and modern face of Uptown CDO.

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