It is the month of love and only three days to go before the Valentine’s day.

Do you already have plans to make your Valentine’s day with your loved one more special and unforgettable? If you still don’t have, try these eco-friendly romantico  ideas.


Words are powerful. It is always romantic to send a love letter to your special someone. You can be poetic if you like. Write a draft first. You can start by describing the first time you met her or him. Just make sure you are saying everything from the bottom  of your heart. As long as you are being real with your words, no matter how bad your penmanship is, a love letter will always be treasured.


Buying bouquet of roses can be a money problem, especially, when you still don’t have your allowance or haven’t received your payday yet. To be a budget-wise romantico, plant a flower instead. Wait until they full bloom and you can finally pick your fresh flowers enough to make your loved one more special. This is not only practical for your pocket, but also for your garden!

You can plant a tree, too. A tree can be symbol of an intimate relationship. Love is nurtured to grow and to be strong enough to armour against challenges so a tree is. Planting a tree is not just eco-friendly, but it helps you create a good memory with your partner.


If you are looking for a romantic getaway, you can go for a camping. Discover the beauty of nature. Have time to appreciate it. Your romantic camping will give you a chance to have an intimate conversation with your partner. Make her or him feel like you are the only people talking in the world, under the sparkling stars in a very silent night.


Travelling to restaurants can be really time consuming ,especially, when you are caught in the middle of traffic.  Also, restaurants can be very expensive. How to solve this? You can just cook together for dinner at home. Make your own fine dining even if you end up eating a not so delicious food, but at least, you try and of course, you get a chance to spend more quality time with your significant other.

About Primavera City

Primavera City is an eco-friendly condominium. It will be designed with natural ventilations within the building and will harness efficient energy systems for its energy and cooling needs that will save up to 33% on its maintenance costs.

Prominently positioned at the booming Uptown Cagayan de Oro, Primavera City will provide residents with a sustainable and peaceful living experience. This 12-storey building situated in a 110-meter above sea level is strategically located to withstand natural calamities. Built-in with world-class amenities, Primavera City will offer multifunctional room, fitness center, unlimited WIFI connection, swimming pool, safe playground, and a 24/7 hour reception and security to its residents.

Primavera City  is a seven-tower eco-friendly integrated development. The construction of the first tower is expected to finish by the fourth quarter of 2018. The six towers will compose of residential, office and commercial spaces. The seventh tower is envisioned to be a first class hotel.

Make sure to be eco-friendly even this month of love like Primavera City. To know more about  eco-friendly tips, visit

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