Who says you need to spend much for the Holidays? Celebrate Christmas with the spirit of being eco-friendly! Let your creativity shine again as you prepare green decorations for the coming holiday! Enjoy these tips  brought to you by Primavera City by following these DIY Eco-Christmas Decors!

Eco-friendly Holiday Wreaths

Choose fabric from your old clothes and create an elegant wreath to place on your door or wall. You can start by cutting your fabric roughly 1″x6″ strips. Tie them in a wired frame and you have to make sure to arrange it in a colorful pattern. Tie them close together and when you are done already, hang it on your wall.

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Or you can make a wreath like this made of old CDs!

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Newspaper Christmas Tree

If your family is a newspaper reader, you probably have stuck newspapers at home. Don’t throw them away! You might think these newspapers are useless already, but here’s an example of a picture that will ignite you to make a Christmas tree out of it. You don’t need to spend on elegant Christmas tree worth PHP 3,000- PHP 5,000, instead, your pile of newspapers will give you an extra benefit to save up money!

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Christmas scrap-cards

Let your loved ones feel more special this Holiday. Greet them a Merry Christmas by giving them your artistic cards made from recyclable materials. Be creative as you choose the right color or paper for your design.  

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From bottle caps to ornaments

You have probably bottle caps available at home. Make them as ornaments and design anything you want on it. Place them on your wall or hang them on your Christmas tree.

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Christmas magazine-balls

Why  buy expensive Christmas balls when you can create something  out of  used magazines lying in your house? Customize your Christmas balls the way you want them to look like! Cut them according to the shape and size you want and decorate them around your Christmas tree!

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Figurines deer out of twigs

Want to do something out of the box? Easy! Go outside and look for  twigs around your yard. Pile them up and create something cute like this figurine deer!

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Have a merrier Christmas day while protecting the nature in your own little ways! Like Primavera City, it harnesses sustainable materials to minimize its effects on the environment. Developed by a multi-awarded green developer, Italpinas Development Corporation, Primavera City is set to finish its Phase 1 by the last quarter of 2018.  

Do you want to know more about eco-friendly tips and this green project? Visit our website, or call us at (088) 880-5002/+63 917 792 1078.

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