Healthy tips this rainy season

Your boss demands you to work on something for him. You have an urgent pile of work or school projects to finish with. You are bombarded with deadlines. You are stressed out and you can’t think directly what and how to start.

Let’s imagine you’re facing such situations and you can’t finish even a single task because you are not feeling well. That’s why, this rainy season, which is a conventional period of the year when some of us become more susceptible to get infected, it is always necessary to get ready how to avoid getting sick amidst your hell week. So here are some of the important tips to refresh your mind on ways in staying healthy during the Monsoon.

1.Take Vitamin Cs

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Do you want to get away from having colds, coughs, or flu? It is always a good start if you take fruits or supplements rich in Vitamin C.

  • Oranges
  • Papaya
  • Melons
  • Guava
  • Broccoli
  • Pineapple

2. Don’t eat street food

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 Avoid food susceptible of contamination. One example is food in the streets which are really prone to kinds of bacteria and viruses especially during wet season.

3. Make sure to drink clean water

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As what you need to do to avoid food vulnerable to contamination, you should do that as well in your water consumption. Boil your water or have it sterilized, in this way, you feel more secured.

4. Get rid of mosquitoes

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Use a mosquito repellent, and at the same time, clean your house, and keep in mind to dump out stagnant water on your containers that could be a breeding place for mosquitoes.

5.Avoid crowded places

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You have to know that people are most likely to catch infection in this rainy season. Don’t be the next victim by getting away from crowded places, better yet, wear a mask if you have no choice to do it so.

Enjoy the rainy season by staying healthy!

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