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I entitled this blog as “Eats good to be in CDO” for one simple reason: I chosen CdeO as my new home to start a new life and family. I just made “it’s” to “eats” because my founding niche is food and/or dining.

Fare is cheaper here. Goods, services are of equal if not better quality. When I am still in Manila, we dine out as group of four yet our bill will reach nearly 2000 pesos so that’s an average of 500 pesos per person but here in CdeO, our 2000 can feed a group of 10. in short, life is simpler, better and not expensive here in Cagayan de Oro.

People here are friendly too, Cagayan de Oro will not be called “city of golden friendship” if they are not. In spite of our language/dialect barrier, they do talk and understand both english and tagalog. yes, there will be some difficulties but still they will still try to understand and lend a helping hand.


In the next few months my wife and I will transfer to our new home in Upper Cagayan de Oro more particularly in Pueblo. More closer to the city proper (than our present location, more closer to nature where its a good mix of both concrete and greens.
I encourage you reside here in Cagayan de Oro for you to see and experience what im talking about. If you will transfer here, come to the newest community here, the Primavera City.
Residing here is having both worlds of technology and nature. More closer to schools, church, mall, transport systems and a lot more shops to come up for more comfortable and luxurious living. Green living in a urban jungle is possible thru Primavera City.


Author: Jay Valmonte
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