Live The Green Way in Primavera City

Last time, I wrote about how important it is to invest on a place you can call your own. For me, that place shouldn’t be just any other place, but something that has tons of perks such as an indoor pool with a jacuzzi, a gym, and a reliable security system that functions 24/7, to name a few. It has to be a place that is not only visually appealing, but also a place where everything you need is within reach

When I think about settling in the great big city, condo living is the dream for me.

In Cagayan de Oro, several beautifully designed (and not to mention tall!) condominiums have sprouted left and right. It’s a bit difficult to choose which one to invest on since they offer a variety of high-class amenities. One of the things I actually consider when thinking about condominiums is their environmental consciousness. Only a few has featured eco-friendly facilities and technology available in their buildings, and one of them is Italpinas Development Corporation’s (IDC) Primavera City.

IDC has been successful with their previous project in the city, Primavera Residences. That building has eco-friendly features such as increased natural ventilation, and a semi-transparent photovoltaic panel which covers the amenities located on the rooftop, among others. They will continue this kind of environmental consciousness with Primavera City.

Going Solar

In fact, Primavera City offers an innovative solar power system. The building is designed with an onsite solar power plant component that should produce around 1.4 megawatt (MW) of power. In this way, the building will not depend a lot on expensive power. This will contribute not only to the aesthetics and design, but most importantly to the economics of condominium living.

For me, this kind of effort is commendable. I strongly believe that solar power is one of the many effective solutions to address the power shortage problem in the country, especially here in Mindanao. We experience rotational blackouts often, and it’s because hydroelectric power plants don’t produce energy that is sufficient for the entire island. Since the Philippines is incredibly blessed with the light and heat of the sun, why not use it to its full potential? 🙂

The Launch

The construction of the Phase 1 of the two-tower integrated multifunctional (commercial, office, residential) Primavera City has been set in the second quarter of the year. It is located at the Pueblo de Oro Business Park, Upper Carmen, Cagayan de Oro (near SM City CDO).

The two towers of Primavera City Phase 1 are designed to have 337 units, 57 of them commercial units (50 to 60 ave sq.m); 231 are studio-type (28 sq.m); 22 are one-bedroom units (47 sq.m), and 27 are two-bedroom units (70 sq.m) and around 100 parking slots.

Not only does Primavera City have a magnificent Italian-Filipino design (AHHH major heart eyes!) and high-class amenities, but it is also consistent with IDC’s thrust of building only sustainable and ecologically sound condominium buildings.

Style, comfort, eco-friendliness, affordability — all these and more are what Primavera City is proud of. Now I can’t wait to work hard, and get my own beautifully designed green unit! 😀


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