Condo Living + Solar Power Technology = Primavera City

Around two weeks ago, I wrote about Italpinas Development Corporation’s new condominium project, Primavera City, which happens to be the kind of home my husband and I have long wanted to have. We’re quite excited because the first phase of the condominium is set to be launched in the second quarter of this year. I cannot wait for this totally unique vision to come to life!

Primavera City is a new concept in condominium living primarily because it promotes green living. Additionally, it is also one of the first developments in Cagayan de Oro to offer the benefits of an innovative solar power system. It is designed with an onsite solar power plant component that is expected to produce around 1.4 megawatts (MW) of power. What this means for Primavera City residents is a lowered cost of living.

IDC  President Atty. Jose “Jojo” D. Leviste III said that investing in an economically sized power system will benefit residents as the building will not have to depend on expensive power from the grid. With the solar power component, Primavera City will not only stand out because of its aesthetics and design, but also because of its innovative economics of condominium living.

Imagine a city within a city that does not have to rely on traditional power sources. Wouldn’t you feel safer and more comfortable in that city? Wouldn’t you love to build a home and a family in that community? Think of a home where you can move around freely; a home where you can breathe easily. Think of a community where you can be one with nature, while also enjoying the advantages of modern living. This is what Primavera City is all about. This is what green living is all about.

Architect Romolo Valentino Nati, chairman and COO of Italpinas, reinforces this fact when he revealed that building sustainable and ecologically sound condominium buildings is a major thrust of the company. He further said that, “The company’s unique marketing proposition is to offer distinctive energy efficient, passive and active eco friendly green building concept with beautiful contemporary Italian-Filipino design, while continuously improving the quality and accessibility of its residential and commercial properties to satisfy the housing and business needs of the expanding Philippine population, and the desire of overseas Filipino workers, balikbayans, and expats to secure properties in new emerging cities in the country, as well as the increasing sophistication of the market and its demand for style and comfort.”

I have met Architect Nati several times and I can vouch for his passion and dedication to the project. Primavera City, for the good architect and the rest of the IDC family, is a personal mission, too; because they know that this is what the people of Cagayan de Oro and its neighboring communities need and want. They believe that this part of the country is where the emerging future is. And this, again, is another reason why I believe that Primavera City is the fulfillment of my (and everyone else’s) dreams. It is built by people who understand Kagay-anons; by people who believe in Kagay-anons; and by people who, despite being from a foreign land, consider themselves Kagay-anons.

This is not all there is to Primavera City. Architect Nati stresses Primavera’s commitment to the integration of renewable energy with its real estate developments. Thus, Architect Nati reveals that, “Once the capacity to implement the Solar PV system for condominiums is refined, the power generated from solar energy may spin off to another business venture that targets other residential, office, and commercial buildings.”

As I mentioned in the post I wrote two weeks ago, Phase 1 of Primavera City will have 337 units, with 57 of these as commercial units, 231 as studio-type units, 22 as one-bedroom units, and 27 as two-bedroom units. It will also have around 100 parking slots. The units’ average sizes are 50 to 60 square meters (sqm) for the commercial ones, 28 sqm for the studio-type ones, 47 sqm for the single-bedroom ones, and 70 sqm for the two-bedroom units.

IDC promises only the best for Primavera City residents. And, I believe that they will stay true to their words. IDC, after all, is the award winning developer of Primavera Residences, which was recently awarded with certificates by IFC Global Green Building Specialist Prashant Kapoor, IFC World Bank Legal Advisor and IFC Philippines head of Green Building Program Tess Lacerna, and IFC Country Manager Jane Xu. The certificates recognized Primavera Tower A&B as the “First Completed Condominium Project in East Asia Certified by EDGE.”

EDGE is an accreditation body of the IFC – World Bank Group that helps property developers build and meaningfully brand their properties as “green.” Considered the highest and most desirable program in the international real estate industry, EDGE is supported by a software that encourages solutions to reduce energy, water and energy consumption by at least 20 %, which is the standard for EDGE certification.

So, can you see now why I’m excited about Primavera City? Who wouldn’t be? Aside from offering the convenience of comfortable condominium living and solar power technology, it is also a first class development that merges the art of modern living with the livability and sustainability factors of an environmentally safe condominium. You don’t get a lot of this kind of city nowadays!


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