Zoom in: Condo living in Uptown CDO

One Sunday, me and my friend had nothing to do. Boredom was really killing us so we decided to take a joyride. And because we’re tired of the usual sites of Limketkai and Ayala, we entertained the thought of going to SM City, a mall in CDO that I rarely visit. It’s not that I do not like SM but it’s just too far from home. I could even count in my fingers the number of times I visit that mall in a year.

What a sight welcomed us in the Uptown. I was surprised by the developments that surround SM. It’s not that I am not aware of what’s going on in the city. I see pictures from time to time posted by my fellow bloggers and photo enthusiasts here in CDO. But the feeling was different when I saw Uptown that day that has rapidly escalated into a modern and classy community. Aside from high-end car showrooms and upscale subdivisions, I was bedazzled to see condominiums rising like mushrooms. There’s Primaverra and GranVia Suites. I know there are more coming as I see fenced lots with cranes and heavy equipment that are currently building more mid-rise real estate constructions that will again redefine Uptown CDO’s skyline.

The progressive trend of condo living in the uptown may be caused by several factors. First, CDO’s population has continuously increased as more people from other provinces and cities have chosen to live here either temporarily or for good. As the center of economy in Region X, businesses and investments are here that created jobs and opportunities. Kids are also being sent here for education as CDO has the best colleges and universities. Second, even Kagayanons have decided to transfer in the uptown as the downtown has been experiencing floods, especially when Typhoon Sendong devastated the city. Third, condo living may be more appealing today because of the ease of maintenance as compared to a high-maintenance home. For those who puts safety and security as their top priority, condominiums have security measures with CCTV cameras, 24/7 fire alarm system, and security guards. Some condo developers offer Personal Access Card Key (PACK) to  their residents that prevents unauthorized access to their units. And lastly, the location. These condominiums in the uptown are situated near SM City; schools like Xavier University Manressa Campus, XUHS, and Corpus Cristi; and chapels.

Condo living in Uptown CDO addresses the needs of modern Kagayanons. These vertical residential offerings provide residents convenience by having all the things they need within reach. And with the increasing number of crimes in Cagayan de Oro, these well guarded condos with all the necessary security checks installed ensure peace of mind to anybody who lives there. So, having these comparative analysis, I now have an answer why condo units in the uptown are selling like pan cakes.

Photos by Mike Sivintin

Source: http://tsadagyud.com/

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