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A Halloween party doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t even require you to shop for disposable plastics for your decorations. In fact, just simply utilize your materials lying around your house, then liberate that inner creativity you have. Doing this will not just help you save money, but also makes you eco-friendly. So have fun setting up your spooky Halloween party by doing these “EEK-o creepy” ideas:

3 Things You Will Love About Italian Living

Every time I hear someone say, “I’m going to Italy,” my envy meter rises. I have always loved the idea of living the sweet life (la dolce vita) in Italy, even for just a couple of days. I had the chance to experience this back in 1996, but it was a short stay (three days). I have no idea if I can ever recreate that, but if given the chance, I’d jump at the opportunity.

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What is your dream condominium?

Everyone who likes to live in the condominium of their dreams has specific preferences and standards of the type of condo they would like to buy. Location, design, affordability, and accessibility are just some of the things that a home buyer considers. How about a condominium that is sustainable and eco-friendly? Out of the top things that you mostly consider when buying a condominium, there is one thing you missed to ask. Have you ever thought of purchasing a home that’s good for your health, too? Keeping in mind how healthy is the condominium you are choosing is one important factor to do also. Here are some reasons why it is better to opt for a green condominium by these examples of the green features of Primavera City.